Seniors and people with disabilities are a vibrant part of the LGBT community in San Francisco, yet we are experiencing a crisis of social isolation.

Fearful of discrimination, many of us are hesitant to access services for seniors and people with disabilities.

As a result, some of us go into the closet when we do have to access services. Others of us are unable to access needed services because agencies may not accommodate our physical or mental disabilities.

Service providers are often unaware of the unique challenges we face; although many are thirsty for information.

That’s where the LGBT Community Partnership comes in.


★ SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday, April 4, 2012 • 12:30 to 5:30 PM ★

A Half-day Symposium for professionals, providers, and advocates. • Join Us.
For more information, please click HERE - Symposium page.

If you are a senior or a person with a disability, the LGBT Community Partnership might help you:

  • Find and learn about LGBT-friendly social services and supports in San Francisco.
  • Learn about opportunities to meet other LGBT seniors or people with disabilities.

If you are a service provider or other interested person, the LGBT Community Partnership can provide:
  • Continuing education and training on working with, and how to best serve, LGBT people.
  • Opportunities to learn from LGBT seniors and people with disabilities about what issues and services matter most.

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